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2020 Workshops

Online Student Time with Rael Isacowitz

Exciting news! BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz will be teaching a special live Mat class and conducting a Q&A for BASI Australia.

Rael will be teaching a 60-minute virtual mat class followed by a Q&A on Saturday, 17 October 2020, at 8.30 am Brisbane time, (9.30am Sydney, 6.30am Perth, 7.30am Tokyo, 10.30am NZ)

Please note if joining from California this event is on Friday, 16 October at 3.30pm.

Price – $60 AUD

BASI Australia Faculty 2020 Workshops

Join our BASI Pilates Australia faculty for three Advanced Education workshops in October and November 2020.

SAVE money when you purchase all three workshops. PAA PDPs pending.

Jordanna Smith BASI Faculty

Pelvic Floor & Psoas Conditioning for Pilates with Jordanna Smith

Sat 10th October 1pm -4pm (Brisbane time) @Pilates Studio 64, Brisbane & Virtual

This workshop integrates pelvic floor anatomy and functions. Learn how the psoas muscle group works in conjunction with a healthy pelvic floor.

We all know Pelvic floor exercises are a part of our Pilates workouts, however, these muscles are frequently overlooked, even though they are one of the most important muscle groups in the body.

Effective techniques and exercises from Pilates mat and equipment work are explored… feel the ease in your Teasers, Rollups, Rockers, Rollovers, and more!

Price – $165 (or $396 if purchased together with Ed & Shayne’s workshops)

Ed Botha BASI Aus Faculty

Swim, Bike, Run, PILATES! with Ed Botha

Sat 31st October 1pm-4pmĀ  (Syd time) @Dynamic Pilates, Sydney & Virtual

Swimming, biking and running are major elements of many sporting and recreational endeavours. Each of these elements relies on complex and coordinated functioning of many muscles and joints, to perform them safely and efficiently. Pilates makes for the ideal cross-training tool, as we are able to replicate many of the muscle movements and joint action with the large scope of Pilates repertoire and apparatus.

Together we will explore suitable repertoire for each element, with the goal of enhancing performance and building a foundation for injury-free training.

Price – $165 (or $396 if purchased together with Jordanna & Shayne’s workshops)

Shayne Smith BASI Aus Faculty

Breath is the engine that drives all movement with Shayne Smith

Sat 21st November 1pm -4pm (Brisbane time) @Pilates Studio 64, Brisbane & Virtual

Breathing is synonymous with life and with movement. It is all-encompassing, the link between body, mind and spirit.

Breathing is immensely important and powerful, yet it is so often ignored. It is the engine that drives all movement, and it lies at the source of the Pilates method.

Price – $165 (or $396 if purchased together with Ed & Jordanna’s workshops)


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