BASI Australia Directors visit BASI HQ

It’s been a busy few months at BASI Pilates Australia with BASI Pilates Comprehensive and Matwork courses and workshops taking place at our BASI Pilates host studios all around Australia.

Our BASI Faculty and  BASI Pilates Australia Directors, Shayne and Jordanna Smith have been super busy but managed to squeeze in a much anticipated visit the new BASI Headquarters in the USA.

Shayne had the opportunity to assist BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz in the Mentor program as well as present his newest BASI Advanced Education workshop – ‘Gait and its Common Deviations’. Staying true to the BASI Pilates ethos, ‘the teacher is always a student’,  Jordanna took two very special private lessons with BASI Pilates ‘wunda women’ Jennifer and Stella.

Jordanna wrote about her visit for the BASI HQ Blog. Here’s a little snippet…

Our Visit to BASI HQ !

June 2018 has been an extremely fast and fulling month of travel, visiting our favourite place for work and family fun.

There could be no other job that allows you to travel with your family, teach in a studio environment that feels like your still at home, meet new people from all over the world and of course be welcomed each and every time with open arms.

BASI HQ does just that !  Rael, Stella, Veronika, Kristen, Latoya, Tram and the whole team at HQ make our trips over to America from Australia so enticing . We are just spoilt. This year Shayne had the amazing opportunity to assist Rael in the Mentor program, along with presenting his newest workshop ‘Gait and its common deviations’ at BASI HQ.  Stepping into the new BASI studio is so breathtakingly beautiful, I am sure all those who have had the opportunity to visit the new headquarters can honestly say it really is the new home. It is the one place we all come to for the same reason, to learn, to listen, to reconnect, and to reignite the flame again.  Leaving our Pilates studio back home and stepping straight into another …honestly feels like it’s our home away from home.

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If you are interested in becoming a BASI Pilates instructor, BASI Pilates Australia has Matwork and Comprehensive courses running throughout Australia with host studios in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Melbourne coming soon.