BASI Pilates Module 1 via Virtual learning 

A New Way of Learning Pilates


Starting a Pilates teacher training course during a pandemic isn’t what our recent Brisbane BASI students had planned for 2020. But when the coronavirus hit Australia in March and we all went into lockdown BASI Pilates Australia was able to offer a comprehensive Pilates instructor training course for our Queensland students via virtual learning. Three very different students began their Pilates studies in April 2020 from home.

We caught up with Bec, Beth and Renae (our Brisbane 2020 Virtual students) after they recently completed Module 12 to find out what inspired them to study the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Global Program and what it was like to begin their Pilates course in the middle of a global pandemic.

We featured Bec’s story a few weeks ago. Next up is Renae…

Part Two – Renae’s BASI Pilates Story

Renae Craven – Crave Pilates, Brisbane, Queensland

Renae started Pilates over 12 years ago to help with her sore back. As an IT professional, she spent long hours sitting at a desk all day and her osteopath recommended that she begin Pilates. New to the area, Renae discovered ‘Pilates with Jordanna’ (Pilates Studio 64’s previous name) and has been attending Pilates classes every Thursday night with the same group of people since then!

In 2020 Renae decided to take her Pilates to the next level and study the BASi Pilates Global Comprehensive Program.

These are her words…

Tell us about why you chose BASI Pilates teacher training?

I’ve always loved Pilates. Thursday nights are the highlight of my week. For the last five or so years I’ve thought, when I retire I want to be a Pilates instructor and do something that I love to do. I chose BASI Pilates because that was what we’ve been doing in our Thursday night classes at PS64.

I almost enrolled last year but I had a lot of stuff going on with work including presenting at an international conference. I wanted to push myself even further this year and decided to enrol in my BASI training. When we were hit with COVID, I went part-time with work to allow for more time for my pilates study and practice.

What was it like to start the training virtually in the middle of a pandemic?

Over the last 12 modules I’ve absorbed a lot more than I thought I would. COVID forced me to think of different ways to learn and practice. Also, the group of ladies going through the course have all been super supportive of each other.

How did you find the virtual modules?

We did the first six modules virtually without any problems. Of course, the main difference with face to face learning is the faculty being able to correct your movements. I feel thankful that I’ve had 12 years of learning from Shayne and Jordanna under my belt before I started my instructor training, that has helped a lot.

How have you found the virtual classes?

Before COVID, virtual Pilates wasn’t a thing. When I had to start accruing my student teaching hours, I started teaching groups of people that I knew, like my work colleagues in lockdown, to help with both their sanity but also to help with my teaching. My cueing has definitely improved a lot since the first classes I taught.

How did you find the virtual tutorials?

The tutorials were good and it was great to touch base in between the virtual weekends. Being able to connect with faculty was invaluable. I introduced the group to the Marco Polo App and that has helped us all keep in touch.

How are you completing your observation and teaching hours?

I’ve done Pilates Interactive and classes on YouTube and when it comes to face-to-face, I will do my observation hours at Pilates Studio 64. I continue to teach virtual Pilates mat classes as well.

How do you fit studying and the hours around your work?

The days I’m not working, I spend them reading, practising or teaching or all of the above. I’m creating a studio space at home with a Reformer so I can practice whenever I’ve got time. I’m also hoping to start teaching Reformer classes to clients in my home space to continue practising my cues on the equipment.

Have you anything else to share since starting the course?

I knew I loved Pilates but I didn’t expect that I would love teaching it as much as I do. I cannot wait to learn about the many other facets available and I cannot wait to pass that onto others.

I’m an agile coach as well and I learn through feedback cycles. As a coach, these feedback cycles aren’t as frequent as they are with my Pilates.

My clients are trusting me with an hour of their lives when they come to one of my Pilates classes. At the end of each class, my clients thank me and tell me how good they feel. The feedback I receive is heartwarming and that has definitely helped me fall in love with Pilates even more. It’s a nice way to spend your life.

Thanks Renae. We wish you every success with your BASI Pilates journey.

Renae completed Module 12 of the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Global Program in July 2020. She is now busy teaching at her own home studio. You can follow Renae’s BASI Pilates journey via her Instagram account  @crave.pilates

Renae Craven

Global Comprehensive @Pilates Studio 64

BASI Pilates Australia virtual learning mode

Renae practising at Pilates Studio 64

Finishing Module 12 with Bec and Beth


If you would like to study to become a BASI Pilates teacher our next face-to-face courses in Brisbane and Virtual courses start on Friday, 11 March 2022.. Registrations are open now. Contact us to find out more.