BASI Pilates Certification comes to Perth for the first time!

BASI Australia is heading west and for the first time BASI Pilates® certified courses will be held in Perth. We are thrilled to be able to offer BASI Pilates teacher training courses to our Pilates lovers in Western Australia.

Perth BASI host studio owner Sayshie Poynton was introduced to BASI a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. She’s passionate about the BASI Pilates method and has an interesting BASI journey. Here is her BASI story…

My BASI Pilates Story



Q. Tell us a bit about your Pilates background

My background is quite different from some – I come from a Veterinary Science background, worked in Perth Racing and for many years I was riding a lot of racehorses for training. After practising Pilates to help with my riding and a few injuries that I had sustained, I fell in love and the rest is history.

Q. When and why did you decide to study the BASI Pilates Comprehensive course?

I initially did an intensive training with another program, but I didn’t feel completely satisfied. I came across the BASI method through a few friends, and after taking some sessions with BASI faculty I decided it was the program that best represented my goals, ethos and my own teaching style so I decided to look into bridging to BASI through the Pro-Bridge.

Q. What was it about the BASI Pilates style of teaching that you liked?

I feel that these days Pilates has gone in two directions – one is very clinical, very in depth and can sometimes be so clinical and complex that it limits the method and clients stop moving completely in order to try and “correctly” get every little movement perfect.

Then on the other spectrum, it’s become a very “sweat, burn, must-kill-clients” sort of fitness style. Lots of planks and glutes, without the focus on correct technique and the intention and precision of movement is lost.

What I love about BASI is that it is intrinsic without limiting or inhibiting movement. It is still very therapeutic, but we strive to achieve the movements, alignment, engagement and precision without stopping flow and energy and clients walk away feeling invigorated and energised rather than physically fatigued or mentally frustrated.

Q. Where did your BASI journey take you after your first course?

After I finished the pro-bridge I was inspired to continue to learn and grow. All I want to do now is continue to be a student and become a better instructor.  I was lucky enough to be a student of Rael himself & Sheri Long who both are passionate, encouraging and a wealth of knowledge. I am forever grateful for this!

Whenever I can, I audit courses or take advanced workshops. Even if I’m auditing a course I’ve already taken, I ALWAYS learn something new and it is especially true when we get to experience it through different faculty.

Q. Why did you decide to host the BASI courses at your studio in Perth?

I am so passionate about BASI and what the company and program represents and how they strive to deliver the best Pilates education to people all over the world. I have truly benefited from the program and want other Pilates instructors to experience the BASI life!

Q. What can Rafters Mind Body Air offer new BASI students studying for the first time?

A welcoming, inviting, friendly place to study. We are here to learn, engage and guide our students in a friendly, humble manner. Even our long-term teachers are constantly learning and we love to share our knowledge with our students. We are not only a vibrant studio, but we are a community and we strive to be supportive for our students as they begin their BASI learning adventure!

Q. Tell us about your personal experience with the BASI Australia Faculty teaching team and what they can offer students?

WOW! I can’t express how lucky our students are to have 3 TOP CLASS faculty here to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Jordanna, Shayne and Ed are truly exceptional and for them to be able to share their expertise with our students will be incredible. Our students are really very lucky, as this does not normally happen in other courses. Each has their own strengths and it will be great to be able to learn from all of them.

Q. The first course starts in June…What are you most looking forward to?

Meeting our new students! I’m excited to learn how they came to decide on such a world-class program and how they intend to use the knowledge they learn. I know already that some who have already registered are using the course for their own personal practice, and some to gain employment. I’m also sitting in on the course again, which will be my second time auditing (“forever a student” as Sheri once told me), so I’m super excited!

The Courses

The first BASI Pilates® Certification courses in Perth will be held at BASI host studio, Rafters Mind Body Air and commence Friday 15th June. All three BASI Australia faculty members will share delivery of the courses, offering a wealth of experience.

Read more about what’s involved in the full Comprehensive course and Matwork course.

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