My BASI Pilates Story

with Amy Saville

Ever wondered what it is actually like to study a BASI Pilates program? How do you juggle studying a Pilates teacher training course and hold down an office job?  We spoke to BASI student,  Amy Saville who completed the final modules of the Global Comprehensive Program at our Brisbane Host Studio, Pilates Studio 64 in 2019.

Q.  Why did you decide to study a BASI Pilates program rather than the other Pilates teaching courses on offer?

I decided to complete a BASI Pilates course for so many reasons! The main reasons would be;

– That the BASI method is respected world-wide and has been around for 30 years! This spoke volumes to me, as I knew it would be a course I could trust. It also means that once qualified, I can work anywhere!

– The course content and length. There are so many weekend long courses out there that don’t provide the same quality. I wanted to finish my course being completely confident in my abilities as an instructor and BASI has definitely provided this.

Q. How did you find the delivery and structure of the course?

I loved the structure of the course. Have the five weekend intensives spaced out with a month between each means that you have a whole month to practice the content you’ve learnt before moving onto more modules.

Q. What are you doing to get your self-practice and observation hours up? How are you finding the demands of the course?

For self-practice I’ve been taking a private session with a BASI Instructor nearly every week and doing two equipment sessions and one mat session each week self-guided (anything additional is a bonus!). And for observation, I’ve been observing at a couple of studios between 3-4 hours each week, as well as using Pilates Interactive.

It’s very demanding (especially as I still have a 3-day/week office job), but so rewarding! Pilates is my passion, so it’s always a joy to dedicate time to it! I guess that’s why I want it to be my career!

Q. How many hours a week do you dedicate to BASI training? Do you have another day job?

It varies slightly from week-to-week as I’m still working 3 days a week at my office job. But each week I try to do 4-5 hours of self-practice, 2-3 hours teaching practice and 3-5 hours of observation – so around between 15-18hours dedicated to BASI! Once I finish up at my office job, I hope to do much more, especially teaching hours.

Q. What has the support been like from BASI Australia Faculty throughout the course?

The Faculty have been very approachable and are always happy to answer questions to help me get the most out of my study and training.

It’s inspiring seeing all that they’ve achieved and the understanding that they have of the human body and the Pilates method. It makes me want to be the best instructor I can be! I love studying under Faculty who really love what they do and are passionate about passing the BASI method on!

Q. What do you plan to do after the course?

I’ll be working out of a couple of Pilates studios near me which is exciting! I plan to keep advancing my education with workshops. I’m also looking forward to attending LFTL 2020 on the Gold Coast.

Q. What are your ultimate Pilates goals?

I’d love to become the best instructor I can be through continual practice and learning and see where that takes me! Whether that be managing or owning a studio, or being on Faculty (if I was ever given the opportunity). I just want to pass on the BASI method to as many people as possible because I’ve seen and experienced for myself the enormous benefits.

Q. What is your favourite exercise from the BASI repertoire and why?

I love anything from the spinal articulation block, but particularly Long Spine on the Reformer. It feels amazing for my spine!

Q. Anything else you would like to tell us about your BASI Pilates experience?

I can’t recommend the BASI Global Comprehensive Course enough. It’s honestly been life changing for me. Even though it’s a big time, financial and physical commitment, it’s totally worth it!

Thanks Amy. Welcome to the BASI family and we look forward to following your Pilates teaching career.

Amy completed her studies at Pilates Studio 64 (BASI Australia HQ and host studio) in Brisbane in 2019. If you are interested in studying the BASI Pilates Global Comprehensive course contact us to find out our upcoming courses.