My BASI Pilates Story


If you are wondering what it’s like to study a BASI Pilates course. Often the best way to find out is to hear from the graduates.

BASI Pilates graduate, Veronica O’Shannessey studied the BASI Pilates Matwork certification course in at our BASI host studio, Cairns Pilates Barre. These are her words…

Q. Why did you decide to study the BASI Pilates Matwork certification course?

After having my first  child, I did some research to find out how I could rebuild my core strength and ended up doing classes with Cairns Pilates Barre in Smithfield, North Queensland. I chose the BASI Pilates Matwork because it was all to do with your own resistance in movements instead of using gym equipment.

The course came up and my teachers encouraged me to consider doing the certification and at the same time I wanted to learn more.

I loved the idea that BASI Pilates offered the Art and Science of Human Movement.

Q. What have you done since the BASI course?

I have been busy showing my family and friends the benefits of Pilates as well as preparing myself for the next stage of teaching. At the same time, I have maintained my regular classes at the BASI Host Studio,  Cairns Pilates Barre.

Q. What is your favourite exercise from the BASI repertoire and why?

My favourite exercise is the Roll Up, as it took some time to master it. It taught me that patience and strength together made it possible to achieve.

Q. How did you find the delivery of the course?

The delivery of the course was great and helpful at the same time. The fact that the BASI teachers came to the studio made it easier to understand the theory as well as the practical.

Q. What was the support like from BASI Australia Faculty throughout the course?

The support was really helpful and understanding. I was nervous in undertaking the course but BASI Faculty, Jordanna, BASI was supportive in answering all of my questions

Q. What are your Pilates goals?

I’m really looking forward to teaching Pilates and gaining knowledge and experience so that eventually I can travel and teach at the same time.

Q. Anything else you would like to tell us about your BASI Pilates experience? 

I’m looking forward to a bright future in Pilates and being a part of this fantastic team of teachers/instructors and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in becoming a BASI Pilates instructor or studying the BASI Pilates Matwork program, 2020 dates are available now in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.
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