We are thrilled to announce the new BASI Pilates Melbourne host studio, Northside Pilates.

Melanie Karistianos is the owner of this beautiful boutique studio in the heart of Northcote, Victoria. She is very excited to be BASI Australia’s Melbourne host and is looking forward to hosting their first BASI  Comprehensive and Matwork programs early next year as well as some Advanced education workshops. Dates to come soon… In the meantime, here is Mel’s BASI story…

My BASI Pilates Story


Q. Tell us a bit about your Pilates background

My background is in Environmental Science so I am passionate about breaking down logic and discovering the “why”.

After spending a very short stint as an aerobics instructor in my early -20’s (yes, I may have worn a unitard….) I suddenly realised that even though I looked fit and strong I felt so weak and disconnected. It wasn’t until I was living in a small town in Suffolk (UK) that I discovered Pilates. My first few sessions brought so much awareness, I fell in love there and then.

Q. What is it about the BASI Pilates style of teaching that you like?

There is so much I like about the BASI Pilates style of teaching and it’s all underpinned by the systematic approach they have adopted. It provides instructors with such a knowledgeable platform to develop their personalised teaching style and the tools required to manage client needs.

Q. Where did your Pilates journey take you after your first course?

After I completed my course I continued to work in the science field and worked as a part-time instructor. I continued to develop my preferred teaching approach working with as many instructors as possible.

It wasn’t until 6 years later that I decided to open Northside Pilates which has not only opened doors to teaching amazing clientele and meeting brilliant instructors, it has also created opportunities to run our annual retreats in Thailand.

Q. Why did you decide to host the BASI courses at your studio in Melbourne?

I believe that those who have decided to commit their time and money to become a Pilates instructor should have the opportunity to complete a course that will provide them with the framework to become the best instructor they can. After watching how the industry has grown I realised that the Melbourne market needed a comprehensive course that has an international reputation for academic excellence, innovation, and exceptional value.

Q. What can Northside Pilates offer new BASI students studying for the first time?

Northside Pilates is the perfect Melbourne location. I created a space that leaves your distractions at the door and encourages you to focus within. It has been called a “sanctuary” many times as the high ceilings and timber floors give you a feeling of openness, space and tranquillity.  The studio is fully equipped with contemporary Pilates apparatus and all our instructors are diploma trained and our most senior BASI instructor (Aisling Harris) recognised as a Level 4 APMA. Students will have ready access to equipment for self-mastery and student teaching opportunities.

Q. The first course starts early 2019…What are you most looking forward to?

Watching our students discover how powerful a solid Pilates practise can be. To see them not only develop and apply the technical framework but to see them grow stronger within themselves as they progress through their self-mastery.

The BASI Pilates Melbourne courses are open for registration now. BASI Pilates Matwork and Comprehensive courses start on 12th April 2019. Please check the Melbourne host page for more details or contact us.